The APEL – Active Youth Participation through Empowered Leadership project is coming to an end and it’s time to share the results.

Within two years, through focus groups and pilot activities with youth workers, we created a set of YOCO coaching cards and a manual for training youth workers. These innovative tools can support youth workers in delivering youth leadership empowerment trainings, thereby improving their leadership skills to represent the youth voice and assert the youth perspective in policy dialogue. The tools offer flexible use for different types of training and coaching opportunities, thus providing support in youth empowerment work. The consortium’s work culminated in the creation of APEL Dialogue policy recommendations, which aim to help policymakers strengthen dialogue with youth leaders.

All APEL products are available online for free use:

  • Training methodology for empowering youth leaders, available in Bulgarian, English, German, Slovenian and Dutch.
  • APEL coaching cards available for printing in BGENDESI and NL language versions.
  • Digital version of YOCO cards in BGENDESI and NL language versions.