The importance of youth work as a vehicle of personal and professional development of young people across Europe has been gaining undeniable importance. The years of pandemic have triggered new challenges, which require continuous professional development of youth workers. The new refugee wave in Europe, calls for action that supports thousands of people from Ukraine, alongside with those keep coming from Syria, to re-define and re-find their way in hard to navigate change.

With the I.YOU project the consortium of partners will work on design and presentation of an innovative, sustainable and useful online tool (I.YOU), that supports: 1) the work of helpers (youth trainers, coaches, facilitators, and workers) – in their mission to increase self-awareness and 2) will create sense of agency in the young people using it – they will be able to have a research backed up self-coaching tool to employ in challenging moments, when clarity and direction is needed.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.

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