About us

The National Management School (NMS) is a non-profit organization established in 1990 to support the development and quality of formal and non-formal education and create conditions for building a knowledge-based economy and society.

Over the years, the School has developed as a center for vocational guidance, extracurricular training and qualification of young people in business, entrepreneurship and management. We also provide training services and support to adult learners, tailored to their individual and career needs and goals.   

To achieve its goals, our team develops, implements and actively participates in national and international projects and initiatives for the creation, transfer, improvement and application of modern methods and approaches in education and human resource development.

Our history

The National Management School Association is the legal successor of the City School of Management for High School Students, founded in 1990 in Sofia.

In the period 1997 – 2002 the organization operated under the name “National School of Management for Secondary School Students” with regional branches in the towns of Samokov, Kardzhali, Burgas, Sandanski, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Haskovo.

The training activities and programs of  NMS are organized on the basis of a cooperation and partnership agreement with the Institute for Postgraduate Studies at the University of National and World Economy.

As a result of the acquired knowledge, hard and soft skills, experience in an academic environment, contacts, career guidance and additional qualification, a significant part of our graduates continue their studies in prestigious specialties in foreign and Bulgarian universities, work in leading companies and banks at the country and abroad or successfully start their own business.

Our mission and goals

NMS has the status of a non-profit organization operating in the public benefit. Our main goals are targeted at:

  • supporting the development and quality of education in the field of entrepreneurship, management and human resources management;
  • supporting the career orientation and competitiveness of human resources in the field of economy, business and management;
  • creating highly qualified specialists in the field of economic management and development;
  • creating conditions for building a knowledge-based economy;
  • development and application of modern training methods for the development of professional and social skills and competences of human resources;
  • supporting the personal, social and career development of young people;
  • creating conditions for increasing employment;
  • supporting the social integration and personal development of representatives of minority groups and disadvantaged people;
  • promoting forms of non-formal learning to broaden citizens’ knowledge, experience and skills to integrate them into the values of modern civil society;
  • supporting and encouraging youth initiatives and youth volunteering.


Our team

NMS works with a team of highly qualified university professionals from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, New Bulgarian University, as well as business practitioners and psychologists.

Project activities are implemented by dedicated professionals with expertise in education and training, entrepreneurship, vocational guidance, youth, civil society, social entrepreneurship, social innovation and employment.

Chairman of the Board – Yonko Bushnyashki.


5A Triaditsa St., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria





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About us