We are happy to announce that the “Act Communicate Transcend” project has kicked off and we are excited to share the progress we have made so far. This project is going to move the boundaries of how we teach and learn English as a foreign language. The project aims to expand teachers’ knowledge on how to use drama-based activities to teach English in primary and secondary schools.

8 partners from 6 different countries have come together and employed 12 ESL teachers to bring this project to life and carry it out for 24 months. Our multicultural and diverse cross-sectoral cooperation includes a theatre company, a directorate, a university, two NGOs, an adult education center, and a foreign language school.

ACT – Act Communicate Transcend Project funded by Erasmus+ approved by AMPEU Agencija za mobilnost i programe Europske unije will last from May 2021 until June 2023. The aims of our project are to assist the progress of learning English as a foreign language, in particular speaking skills, by developing a speaking assessment rubric, a set of training materials, a drama-based activity book, and, finally, an e-learning platform which will unite all previously mentioned intellectual outputs and be made available for use both for teachers and their students even after the project is finalized, to develop new and innovative teaching methods and implement these directly into practice as well as professional development through project work.

Project ID: 2020-1-HR01-KA227-SCH-094792

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Website: https://esldramaactivities.eu

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