G.O.A.T | Get on the Action Train is a 24 months project aimed to empower youth and ensure youth engagement and active participation in youth initiatives, providing youth with possibilities to collaborate in a community, committed to supporting the causes that are important to them and their peers. The basic motivation behind the project is thus to connect young people & empower them to become active citizens in local communities and to provide youth workers with the necessary tools & skills to confidently guide the youth & mentor them in this process – i.e. to get on the action train.

G.O.A.T. is based on the connection between the fields of education, training, and youth, with the aim of directly and indirectly influencing all three fields. The purpose of the project is to promote active youth participation by empowering youth with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies, and in addition, to provide youth workers with an appropriate set of professional tools for offering support to young people, in the field of youth initiatives implementation. Therefore, the project creates strong synergies, especially between the fields of training and youth. It will, however, address all areas of education, training, youth, and partially also sports, one of the proposed topics/areas for implementation of Youth Initiatives in the competition & through associated partners. Within this framework, it will have an integrated effect on the increase of knowledge, competencies & skills in the use of different tools for quality youth work, as well as the promotion of active participation among youth. The goal is for young people to have a clear view and knowledge of how to shape their local communities by implementing change & being active members of society.