SOCIAL INNOVATORS presents an innovative model of simultaneously addressing the challenges of high rates of youth unemployment and low employment rate in NGO sector, which all present a tremendous waste of human potential and missed opportunities for greater contribution to the social transformation not only in partner countries but in EU in general. In NGOs, young people will hater work experience and become involved in some of the most relevant initiatives and programmes dealing with social challenges in Europe today. As a result, the participants will be supported to create their own jobs within the social sector, where their educational background is essential for further development.

Training activities

To prepare students and graduates of social and humanity studies for social innovation and working in NGO sector.

  • Research Social Innovators GAP: Measuring the distance between gained and needed
  • 150h training Social Innovation
  • 15 test implementations of training for 450 young people from Bulgaria, Croatia and
  • Presentational brochure of the training programme


To build a bridge towards career path of the young people, actively involve NEET group in work environment and present to them the work in the NGO sector.

  • NGO TRAINED apprenticeship model
  • Training kit and training implementation for NGO
  • 320 young people involved in apprenticeships in 128 NGOs in Bulgaria, Croatia and
  • JOB CHALLENGE contest with three one-year employment contracts in NGO


Three centres for social innovators, where project ideas and initiatives with social impact are generated. HUBs as support environment for researching the possibilities and opportunities for social innovations.

  • HUB model
  • Opening and running of three HUB centres in Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia for 1550 yearly visitors and 60 public
  • Three IDEATHON competitions for 120 young people