Aims and objectives of the project
Non formal acquisition of knowledge and skills is in the world, where employers of young job seekers expect more and more, one of the most important forms of learning and acquiring knowledge. Deepening, strengthening and dissemination of knowledge, which are not assessed with a valid document, in recent times gains greater value and is essential for professional and personal growth and development.

Project Active for Future aims to develop skills, knowledge and competences of youth workers to increase their productivity and also youth to increase their chances for employment. To train youth workers and to give them new tools that can be used in their daily activities will develop environment for fostering youth employment.

Objectives of the project are:

  • to establish cooperation and conducting research of the situation in each country aiming to share best practices and to combine effective approaches into new methodology – exchanging didactical and motivational approaches, projects, action that are tackling youth unemployment. To exchange opinion and discuss the possibilities of its realization on the kick off meeting.
  • to equip youth organizations and youth workers with tools how to ensure support to youth initiatives and how to enhance youth employment with youth activities (by conducting activities with local groups).
  • to train 12 youth workers in the field of youth employment and youth initiatives and to give them knowledge, skills and support to conduct local group activities (by organizing international training of youth workers)
  • to develop a methodology for youth workers that can be used in all participating countries and by all youth organizations that are cooperating with partners of the project and are working in the field of youth unemployment (on all mobilities we will share experience and evaluate activities and therefore that will present basis for preparing final methodology, that will include learning materials developed during the kick off meeting and international training, local group activities) – Methodology will be printed in 6 different language and will present a guidelines for youth workers that are working in the field of enhancing youth employment.
  • to strengthen competences of young people as they will develop concrete actions, initiatives that will be implemented in their local communities – competences gained during those activities (local groups activities, youth exchange) will enhance their employment possibilities.
  • to implement 6 different youth initiatives by young people participating in the youth exchange and in local groups that will present best practices and will be included in developed methodology.
  • to develop and establish network of partners that will exchange knowledge and share experiences and will use developed methodology as a learning tool within their everyday activities.
  • to strengthen network of youth organizations and gain new perspectives how to tackle youth unemployment (during all activities in the project).

Duration of the project: 1.10.2015-30.9.2017 (24 months)